Friendship Walks 2017

HOME - Team Beautiful Minds

So, this event kicks off the rekindling of my volunteer group, Helping Others Means Everythings (HOME). I would like for HOME to become a volunteer club (operating similar to a book club) of friends and family coming together to do our part in building a better world.

Ideally, we would like to commit to one group volunteer activity per month!

We recognize that what we put into our community is what we will get out of our community. We hope to bring real meaning to the idea that "Charity begins at HOME!" If you are interested in learning more about HOME, please contact me at: or (703) 371-2895, to find out our meeting date and/or be a part of volunteer event planning for the coming months!

Until then, let's raise some money for Friendship Place!


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Friendship Walks is a 1.5 mile fun walk around the National Mall, focused on ending homelessness in the Washington, DC region.

All proceeds from the Walk go to Friendship Place, a nonprofit organization that offers the most effective model for addressing homelessness, with innovative programs that empower individuals and families experiencing homelessness to rebuild their lives, find homes, get jobs, and reconnect with friends, family, and the community, permanently.

Your support allows Friendship Place to create a lasting impact in the thousands of lives they help each year. Together, we can ensure everyone in the DC region has a place to call home.

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